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More than a hundred products for you to choose.

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Did you know that chocolate is...

  • 1Tonic. Chocolate and cocoa contain theobromine, which combined with magnesium and phosphorus are components that reduce fatigue, sleepiness and immediately improve your mood. They stimulate your mental strengths and activate the body to produce more. This is why chocolate is beloved by both children and adults.
  • 2Stress-relieving. Chocolate contains small amounts of phenylethylamine, a compound that has the power to suppress stress while it stimulates the brain causing euphoria. with a small amount of theobromine, it succeeds in revitalizing a tired mind and adding to your stamina while relieving you from stress.
  • 3Necessary. For all the aforementioned reasons, chocolate is a needed diet complement to athletes, soldiers, climbers, astronauts, and more. The biological value of chocolate is due to proteins and carbohydrates which are the main ingredients. If consumed moderately, chocolate is not fattening!